A Personal Testimony

My wife and I recently spent some intentional time with another Christian couple by sharing a meal and encouraging each other to be deliberate about fulfilling the Great Commission. We were asked how we would go about sharing our testimony if we only had sixty seconds to convey it; talk about choosing your words wisely.

I decided to put together this brief post to share what I came up with that evening. My prayer is that in doing so, the Lord might use it to draw the unbeliever or to provoke the believer to go through a similar exercise. Okay, sixty seconds, here we go,

“Hey, you know there was a time in my life when I was perpetually ashamed and routinely afraid. I was ashamed of all the wrongs I had done, especially those no one knew about. And I was scared because I believed that if people were to discover my wrongs, they would never accept me.

But then something happened. I came to learn and accept that Jesus Christ died for me so that all my wrongs could be forgiven. Just like that, a gift I didn’t deserve. And when I accepted that gift, I was able to start facing the world again, but in a way that I had never been able to before.

And now, where there was once shame, there is peace. And where there was once fear, there is the assurance of the future things I long for. That sounds pretty good, eh?

Do you have a story like that? If you do, I’d love to hear about it.”

So how would you answer?


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