Some readers are likely already familiar with my first children’s book, published in late 2021, Strawberries Are Red: A Story about Compelled Speech. Those who aren’t but would like to learn more about it can do so here. But my intention was never to stop at one book. 

After careful consideration, I decided to take down The Liberty Quill earlier this year to pursue creating more content aimed at educating future generations; now, the reason I’m telling you all this. My upcoming book…

While the first book dealt with the topic of compelled speech, and other offshoots for those interested, this next story speaks to the heart of something we all recently watched unfold: medical segregation. Using racial segregation as a backdrop, the book is neither anti-vax nor pro-vax, but rather anti-vaccine mandate. In addition to segregating society, the vaccine mandates caused many to lose their employment or, as was my case, experience a prolonged period of lost income.

I hope to publish the new work in the coming months if all goes well. I pray the picture book promotes great discussion between parent and child, educating them about self-ownership, informed consent and other associated topics. Please stay tuned, and if you haven’t already, please consider ordering a copy of my first book for the child in your life.


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