“Trees that are slow to grow bear the best fruit.”Molière

Upon researching Molière’s claim, I’m still unsure if it is true; regardless, the idea of patient reward is of greater significance to the message at hand.

My latest children’s book, You’re Not Welcome: A Story about Segregation, has undoubtedly been “slow to grow.” The book’s original release was scheduled for last spring. However, the project experienced numerous delays ranging from health issues to recent cover trouble due to Amazon’s limited CMYK printing capability. I’m still staggering over that one: get it together, Mr. Bezos.

But I’m excited to report that with a final proof copy on its way, this story’s upcoming release appears imminent: likely mid-November. Like my previous book, Strawberries Are Red: A Story about Compelled Speech, this latest story is deeply personal. Like many others, the vaccine mandates negatively affected my family, not to mention their disfiguring effect on social trust. My children took notice.

I’m hopeful this book will equip parents with another tool and opportunity to sit with their child, imparting essential lessons relating to self-ownership, informed consent, and segregation. I never know how my stories will be received, but I pray the seeds they plant among future generations will indeed come to bear “the best fruit.”


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